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Why Choose Kırnı?

Chicken is fat free, rich in protein and short-fibred which makes it easy to chew and digest. Chicken is one of the most important sources of protein and it’s also affordable. This means that we can consume more of it.

Lower levels of fat

Chicken contains a higher source of protein compared to beef or lamb and a lower level of fat. In addition, it contains a lower level of fat. One of the biggest causes of death in our lives is Coronary heart disease. The best way to avoid this is to reduce our intake of saturated fats. Chicken provides us with the required amount of fat, which makes it the ideal choice for our diet.

High biological values

Chicken contains higher biological values and is also rich in iron and vitamin B.

The storage of vitamins and minerals

Chicken has an advantage when it comes to its level of protein and fat. It provides a good source of phosphorus, iron and vitamin B (Lactoflavine). A piece of chicken leg contains
a lot more vitamin B2 (Riboflavine) and B1 (Thiamine) and a lot less Niacin vitamin compared to a piece of chicken breast. It also contains more iron, zinc and sodium than a piece of chicken breast.

Easy to cook, eat and digest

Chicken is easy to cook and can be prepared using many different recipes. Chicken is easily chewed and digested due to the fact that it’s short-fibred. This makes it the ideal source of nutrition for all age groups including young children and the elderly.

Each piece is different from the next

Chicken provides us with a varied selection, making it a suitable option for all families. People can choose to eat different parts of the chicken according to their bodily needs. For example, protein can be found in chicken breast, whereas fat is stored in the chicken neck. Chicken breast contains the lowest fat (9%) and the lowest level of cholesterol (67 mg/100gr).

Cost efficient

Apart from the fact that chicken has a higher level of nutrients than meat, it also costs a lot less making it more appealing for consumers.

When buying poultry attention should be paid to the packaging and brand of poultry.