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Production Process

The chicken coops are controlled using the latest technology computers. The chickens which are collected at night from these coops are taken in transportation crates by lorries to the slaughterhouses.

Here the chicken is pre-controlled by a vet then taken through a health examination before being sent to the acceptance department.

While the chickens are put onto hooks in this department, the crates and lorries are disinfected, ready for the next shipment. Therefore avoiding illnesses being transported to the next flock.

The chickens which are removed from the hooks are taken to be slaughtered using the most humane methods of killing.

The slaughtered chickens are taken to the blanching department.

After the have been blanched, their feathers are plucked.

Then the chickens are transferred to another department, where their internal organs are removed using robots. After their internal organs have been removed the chickens and organs are washed. The water used for the physical cleaning is passed through sand and carbon filters. They are later microbiologically disinfected with minimal chemical usage. Therefore avoiding any germs being passed on through the water.

With the use of robots, the chickens are taken to the refrigerated storage rooms. They are kept here for upto 1½ hours until they reach the required internal temperature.

The chickens which reach a suitable temperature taken from the quality control point to where they are divided into classes. They are separated as chicken which will be packaged and chicken which will be cut up into pieces. The chicken is then packaged according to their weight and transferred to the cold air deposits immediately.

The remanding chicken is then separated into pieces using the latest cut-up machinery system. It is then immediately placed into plastic packaging plates. This process is done in the fastest possible way which avoids the chicken being kept waiting during the production stages. By keeping the production process to a minimum, Kırnı chickens stay fresh for longer and maintains that taste which its customers love.