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Our Founder

Mustafa Hacı Ali  was born in Yılmazköy, near Nicosia,  in 1934. After completing his primary and secondary education he took courses in technical and practical fields in order to develop  himself before going into business.  Mustafa Hacı Ali started his business career in transportation. Then he worked on the British Bases as an engineer. He then, with the desire to achieve success through a determination to get a good job done, responded to tenders from the State in relation to dam projects, won them all and thus built all the dams of North Cyprus.

In 1966 Mustafa Hacı Ali add the poultry business to his interests, incorporating the highest technology to the sector. This includes all aspects of the animal rearing process such as incubation, preparing animals for breeding, egg production, the slaughterhouse and livestock breeding. For the local market cattle are bred for milk and meat. The meat production capacity at the existing facilities is nearly 15.000 – 16.000 tons per year. Egg production is nearly at 75.000.000 – 80.000.000 per year.

In 1997 the company extended its activities into parceling out building land.

Mustafa Hacı Ali established an animal feed industry in 1979. Today its daily capacity is 100 – 200 tons. Every day all manner of animal feed, from chicken feed to livestock feed is produced. The company principally produces feed to meet its own requirements, but also exports some along with chicken meat in spite of the existing embargoes.

M. Hacı Ali also got into the automotive sector in 1998 and become the general TRNC distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles.

M. Hacı Ali also built M. Hacı Ali Hotel and Restaurant in Lapta near Kyrenia, which is the pearl of North Cyprus, in 1999.

Hacı Ali became the North Cyprus distributor of JCB work machinery in 2005.  In the same year he started buying and selling second hand vehicles. There are five different M. Hacı Ali second hand car operations in the island.

In 2008, in the citrus producing area of Güzelyurt, the first M. Hacı Ali petrol station was opened on the main highway.

Looking back from today’s perspective, we can see that forty-five years of service to the domestic and foreign markets have seen no diminution in either quality or richly deserved trust.